If you’re thinking of learning the basics and advance of digital marketing, you might be considering An Pei’s Digital Agent System course. After all, who knows digital marketing than a person who works for it his entire life? But if you’re considering other options and want to know if this course is worth your time, I’ve got a complete review for you. Keep reading to learn if this course is the right fit for your digital marketing needs.

What does the Digital Agent System cover?

The Digital Agent System Course, also known as CareerDigitized.com, is a digital marketing course that was developed by An Pei to teach people how to get a job in digital marketing. In this course, he goes over several different avenues of marketing including:

  • Basics of Digital marketing
  • How to get paid $10,000+ per month
  • How to negotiate for a 6 figure digital marketing salary
  • Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Each lesson contains a short video (usually between two and five minutes long), followed by a homework. An Pei covers the basics of these departments and goes much more advanced the further you progress in the course.

A small list if you ask me but worry not since it’s not limited to those areas but actually has additional content about Digital Marketing and it will be more than you will ever need to succeed.

There are also bonus contents where An teaches you about getting the correct mindset to secure your future. He will personally see to it that you are really learning and takes his time to answer your questions in the Facebook group. 


An Pei has been reaping success after success because of Digital Marketing. He is one of the few people who are truly adept in digital marketing and has a knack for passing on the knowledge to others. He employs a straightforward type of teaching that is easier for most to comprehend.

He’s been in the Digital Marketing industry for quite some time and he has amassed ample experience and knowledge that he now shares with his students to help them succeed.

An Pei has created one of the most successful courses for people looking to start a career in digital marketing. He once was a student and was mentored by an expert, Digital Agent System teaches fundamental online skills. 

An Pei made sure that whoever finishes the Digital Agent System course, they will have more than enough credibility and knowledge to apply for jobs anywhere.

Throughout the course, An Pei made sure you will also learn how to get experience, how to start applying for jobs, and  how to take advantage of the resources for you to land your first job in digital marketing. 

CAREER DIGITIZED – Far Different From Other Digital Marketing Course

Getting a result -driven course is crucial, there’s a lot of digital marketing courses out there but unlike other courses and training programs, An Pei’s Digital Agent System is totally different because of An personally works with the students in the course. 

The main reason why people fail is because they buy something without even knowing it. And they stuck and gave up. This is why although the regular price is $4999, he has to invest and hire experienced coaches in Digital Marketing to ensure students success.

Most people will fail because they always get lost and stuck somewhere

One of the great reasons why the Digital Agent System is better is because they have coaches who are professionals that actually work in the field who help the students answer questions in their weekly live calls.  This is a big part  of people’s success because you can actually learn from someone that knows what they’re doing.

I believe coaching and guidance is a crucial factor to success outside of the course itself. Because without coaches and a community, you end up getting lost in the material which gets no proven results.

Next is Career’s Digitized community. Digital Agent System has one of the best communities to be a part of. It’s full of experts in the field sharing new ideas and strategies. 

With a helping community full of experienced individuals answering your questions everyday, it is easy to find success. And ofcourse,  as long as you put in the work!

Why online guides and youtube videos won’t work for you!

Yes, there  is a lot of free material online to get started in Digital Marketing. Problem is, these material has got no results. No easy training and helpful coaches just like An Pei’s course does.

The brain of the course, An Pei has trained over 100+ digital marketing professionals and helped over 500+ people land high paying jobs. This is why getting advice from him and his team in the live weekly Q&A calls is very important to your success if you want to level up your game.

Most of the Youtube videos and guides are usually a bunch of wanna- be digital marketers that has no experience at all. This is just to gain likes and subscribers having no brainer at all. Very easy. And you will be wasting your time listening to these people because they won’t also help you how to get started.

But in An Pei’s Career Digitized: Digital Agent System course, you will know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way so you’re not wasting any time.

A charge of premium fee of $4997 is just a piece of what you will be getting when you land a digital marketing career with the help of the course. An has spent his years experiencing the methods of the job market especially in digital marketing. That’s why knows exactly where you’re stuck on and how to help you to the fastest route to success.

My Verdict

You still have doubts. I get it because I did too. If you really want to succeed like me, asking questions is for later; when you are learning the contents of the course.



The Digital Agent System has helped numerous people, not just me. The decision is yours to make now but we both already know that you being here means you want to succeed in life so why not go ahead and take the path I took? So far, it has been nothing but pure contentment for me and I’ll be forever grateful to An Pei for teaching me the ropes to succeed in digital marketing.