career digitized review

The Career Digitized provided the course and training that got me out of my 15 year corporate career. But they’re by no means perfect. Read my review.

After one year in the Career Digitized Program taking the Digital Agent System, I’ve seen this company evolve from a small course to a large institution that churns out skilled digital marketers.

I’ve also seen various reviews about the Career Digitized and its course Digital Agent System, many of them seem outdated, and are not taking into account all the new resources that have cropped up over the last year. I thought you might get some value out of knowing what the course was like for me and how it’s helped me become a full fledged digital marketer with my own site.


INTRODUCTION –  The Truth About Digital Agent System

Most of the people who come into the Digital Agent System have no experience in marketing of any kind, no degree, and no relevant skills. But the one thing that most of these people do have in common is the willingness to learn something new and not give up. All the people that continuously learn and apply the course material end up becoming successful.

It’s usually the people who don’t take advantage of all the resources available who end up no better than they started. It’s actually quite sad because the Digital Agent System is one of the few programs on the internet that guides you step by step. Ultimately, the people who don’t succeed are those that don’t put in the time.


Is the Career Digitized’s Digital Agent System a Perfect Program?


Of course it’s not perfect, nothing is. People make mistakes and technology doesn’t always work the way you want it to, but it’s how this company responds to adversity that truly shows you what their character is all about. If something’s not right, they take responsibility.  An Pei, the creator of Digital Agent System, has a weekly call with all his students and is fully transparent about everything that’s going on. 

So what is so good about the Career Digitized’s Digital Agent System? 

Digital Agent System is specifically tailored to your needs and is designed to help you obtain a remote position through Digital Marketing. They have a three-pronged approach that allows students to learn at a rapid rate by immersing themselves in Digital Market through:

  • An’s teachings of digital marketing fundamentals

  • the mentors who help solidify the material and help you with your resume & cover letter

  • the Facebook group full of other students and marketers that support you on your journey.


Before I first started my online digital marketing training with Career Digitized, I was seriously considering applying to an MBA program that would have been 5-6 times more expensive than the Digital Agent System course.

I purchased the course because I desperately needed to make a change in my life — I reached middle management and my company was never going to promote me. An came across very knowledgeable and had proven through his webinar that recruiters were offering him jobs every week. Even though it did cost a few thousand dollars, the value was amazing. After 6 months of being in his program, I made more than 10 times what I paid them.

You won’t see those kinds of returns in an MBA or vocational program, and you’re likely to wind up in more debt.



Another way of looking at this is to compare my journey as an experienced digital marketer with that of my journey as a corporate manager. In short, it took me 15 years of slogging away, working off the clock for no extra pay just to meet the demands of my company Comparatively, with some hard work and diligent study, it took me 6 months from the day I signed up with Digital Agent System to replace that salary that took me 15 years to build.



It’s a simple principle really – if you sow a couple of seeds, don’t expect a huge harvest, and if you sow a lot of seed, then do expect a huge harvest – that’s just the law of nature.

Most people complete the course in under 4 months, I didn’t have that luxury because I still had a family to support. I worked over 12 hours a day, getting to the office around 8:00 AM, and typically not getting home until after 9:00 PM. I worked on my digital marketing career about an hour a day and a few more on the weekends, but it’s very much a “go at your own pace” kind of course.


Let’s put it this way – it’s simple, but it’s certainly not easy. One of the things that I’ve heard An Pei constantly say is that “people fail, systems don’t”, and you will be asked to follow a step by step blueprint that has proven to work time and time again for many people. 

How do I know it works? At first I was skeptical, but An actually shows you his pay stubs throughout his career at different companies to prove the system works. I followed the steps and applied the techniques he taught and it worked out great for me. I’m no longer pulling 70 hour work weeks and have more time to enjoy the things I love.

Can we guarantee that you will do that too?

This is not a “get rich quick scheme,” this is a course that teaches you a relatively easy to learn, highly in-demand skill. If I may use an analogy – they provide you with a gym, and trainers, but if you’re not working out, or your diet is crap, you will not get the results you want.

In fact, if someone offers you a money-making “guarantee” or tells you that you can just make money by clicking a couple of buttons, they’re probably lying to you.

And on that note, if you are looking for a guarantee, this business (or any legitimate business) probably isn’t for you.




I was a corporate manager for 15 years at a large distribution center. I certainly didn’t have any experience in digital marketing. What helped me most in getting through the Digital Agent System Course was asking questions when I didn’t understand something. There’s usually someone always available. If I couldn’t catch on during one of his weekly question-and-answer sessions, I could easily reach out to one of the mentors or submit my question to the Facebook group—the community was happy to help me out and keep me on track.

Additionally, the platforms that you’ll be learning on Google and Facebook have matured to the point that they’re very easy to navigate. These companies want everything to be as intuitive and easy so that more people will use them.




Another popular question – and the truth is – you are if you think you are. This answer will apply to most other questions as well, but is particularly true of this question.

Age is a very common excuse. I used that too. It’s these types of limiting beliefs that keep people from ever trying. It all comes back to attitude, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can absolutely do it.

Within 2 months of the time I overcame that mindset, I made $6k in a single month, and went on to land a job that offered me a six-figure salary.



an pei digital agent system

One of the things that truly jumped out at me when I first started with Career Digitized is that it’s a company with a heart. 

The founder, An Pei, has put in place a system of showing people that they can make money without being attached to it. Greed and fear are emotions that usually prevent people from taking the step they need to better themselves. As someone once said, “Scared money don’t make money.”

With that in mind, an integral part of education is to be involved in the online community of digital marketers, where the principle of “learn, do, teach” is reinforced and practiced on a regular basis. It fosters a community of collaboration and opportunity, someone might help you and down the road, you’ll pay it forward to someone else.



Whether or not Career Digitized’s Digital Agent System is for you is something only you can decide. 

I used to believe this was for everyone, since it got me out of a job I hated, and afforded me the time and financial freedom to do the things that are truly important to me.

Are you prepared to grow?

If you’re prepared to grow as a person, this could be for you. But don’t answer so quickly. Growth often means going through something uncomfortable—it means falling but always standing back up.

Career Digitized never teaches you to chase money. It teaches you that you will be extremely employable because of the value that you are giving, and there’s no better way to give value in a professional environment than to have a skill that naturally makes people more money.



The awesome thing about growing with Career Digitized is that you’re not alone. You’re learning alongside a community of people who want to achieve the same goal as you. 

An’s quality teaching, the years of experience from the mentors, and the community help keep you on track to not only finish the course but put in the best possible position to obtain a high-paying job in digital marketing. The teachings are easy to follow and the checklist they give you will keep you focused and help you succeed—even if you have no marketing experience or degree.

If you are patient and you don’t mind the time into learning this new skill, then this course is for you. There are things you just can’t learn yourself without mentorship and guidance and a career in Digital Marketing is one of them.

Are you willing to be a part of this community and level up your earning potential? Time to make a decision, as enrollment is closing soon and they keep it small so that everyone gets the attention they need.